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The GetCash brand is engaged in purely financial activities in the form of money loans against a pledge of a movable property.

Our company is building up a national reputation with honest work for over 30 years and thanks to its determination to become a market leader, with an emphasis on a positive and professional approach it has created a large and quality customer base.

Modern loans versus a pledge are in increasingly popular form of financial help and are used by more people every year according to our survey. It is a completely safe solution to any financial problems, because in the event of not repaying the loan, we do not drive client into execution, but we settle the claim by monetizing given valuable, which is the guarantee of the loan. It could be said that such a loan is voluntarily repayable and if the customer does not “pay a penny” of the amount, he is not in a risk of ony other financial penalty, except for the above-mentioned monetization of the valueable on the premises or at our e-shop.

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