Frequently asked questions

1. For how long is the loan arranged?

The contract is arranged for one calendar month.

2. Do I need to repay the loan?

Our loans are based on purely voluntarily repayment, so you do not have to repay the loan.

3. What are the interest rates?

Interest rates range from 1% to 5% for each week started.

4. What can I pawn?

You can loan money for gold, phones, laptops and many more.

5. Is it possible to extend or postpone payments?

By paying off the interest, we can extend your contract for next calendar month.

6. How is my property handled?

Your valuable is safely stored and is not to be tampered with in any way.

7. Can I use your services even if I am underage?

As with any other contract, the client signing this contract must be atleast 18 years old.

8. How can I get back my valuable?

Just present us with an ID and we will return your valuable to you after payment. The only person who can pick up the valuable is the one who signed the contract with valid ID.

9. What happens to my valuable, if I do not repay the loan?

If the client is no longer interested in the valuable or cannot pay off the loan, we will completely clean the valuable and monetize it.

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